Is Botox Or Dermal Fillers The Solution For Wrinkles?

When we age, the repetitive muscle contractions of normal facial movements tend to produce wrinkles across the face. Combined with the gradual depletion of collagen and strength that comes with aging, these repetitive muscle contractions make our skin and face appear old. Thankfully, products and surgical procedures are available to eliminate wrinkles from the skin. Generally, these nonsurgical treatments are undertaken in a physician's office or licensed cosmetic clinic. 


Botox is a neurotoxin that is inserted into specified regions of the face directly. It helps to briefly loosen muscles by stopping them from contracting. It contains distilled bacteria, which immobilizes the injected muscles. It inhibits the nerve impulses sent to the skin and face muscles, which are partially paralyzed for up to six months. Botox smooths current wrinkles and slows the creation of new wrinkles. Since Botox works only for wrinkles created by muscle contraction, it is little assistance with the wrinkles created by sagging skin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are gel solutions inserted just under the surface of the skin to absorb and minimize fine lines while providing suppleness and volume to that portion of the face. Such fillers can plump up shrinking lips, fill facial areas, smooth scars, fix fine lines caused by diminishing skin and lack of volume, and fill slight creases under the eyes. The outcomes of dermal fillers may last for six months and up to three years. 

Which Is The Better Option?

Take notice of the spots to be addressed for Botox or fillers. If the region contains wrinkles that persist as the face rests, a dermal filler would be necessary. When facial expression shows the problem areas, Botox should work in this situation. The great thing about these substances is that although they have different priorities, doctors can also use them in tandem to give the face a more full look. By practical terms, Botox A is added to the nerve and facial muscles whilst the dermal fillers simulate rehydration to restore volume to the skin.

Years, sun exposure, and menopause will all contribute to the gradual aging of the body. But it can be intimidating picking a treatment when there are so many choices available. In such a scenario, other alternative methods are necessary to give your face a lift that will make you look younger and your skin much smoother.

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