Foods To Avoid If You Have Been Diagnosed With Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition in which you have redness, inflammation, and pustules on different areas of the face. It usually affects women, but it can also affect men as well. Men may notice symptoms of rosacea primarily on the nose, in which the nose is inflamed and appears swollen. Women may notice the signs of rosacea on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. For both men and women, it may be caused by what you are eating. Read on for some foods that you should avoid if you've been diagnosed with rosacea.

Hot Foods Or Drinks

Hot foods and drinks can aggravate your rosacea symptoms. You may notice a flare-up when you consume any hot drinks or hot foods. Try to avoid drinking or eating hot foods whenever possible, although this can sometimes be unavoidable. Allow your drinks or food to cool before consuming them, or try not to drink or eat them when they are steaming hot. Some drinks such as coffee or hot cocoa may be just a few that can be causing your flare-ups.

Spicy Foods

In addition to foods that are hot temperature-wise, foods that are spicy can also cause flare-ups. If you eat spicy foods, you may notice that you have excessive redness after consuming them. Spicy foods such as different international foods like Spanish food, Thai, or Indian foods can all result in flare-ups.


Alcohol can cause flares in your rosacea. Certain types may affect you differently, especially those that are fermented such as wine or beer. Other types of alcohol may not affect you at all, although as you become inebriated, you may notice a flare after this point. This may be a trial and error effort on your part to see what types of alcohol affect you differently.


Chocolate is another trigger that can affect you. Just as with alcohol, different types of chocolate may affect you differently. In larger quantities, and with a lot of sugar, you may have more of a flare-up of your rosacea. Eat chocolate and sugary foods in moderation and in smaller quantities.

If you have rosacea, there are certain foods that you should avoid whenever possible. Keep a journal of what foods cause flares to your rosacea and what foods you should avoid. Everyone is different and this skin condition affects everyone differently. Talk to your dermatologist about what other foods may irritate this condition. If you need more information, visit a site like