Tired of Seeing Blackheads on Your Skin? See a Dermatologist for Professional Skin Care Advice

Are you tired of finding blackheads on your face? While you may not have large blemishes, the blackheads are still a reason for you to feel concerned. The blackheads can make your pores appear much larger and cause your makeup to look clumpy instead of smooth and flawless. If you have used a lot of products that claim to help those with blackheads but you feel like your skin has not gotten any better, it is best to visit a dermatologist for professional advice. The dermatologist will carefully examine your skin and provide recommendations that can save your skin and your sanity.

Why Do the Blackheads Appear?

When oil gets stuck inside your pores, it causes them to clog. If you have excessively oily skin, it is quite common to experience blackheads. Along with oil that gets stuck inside the pores, dirt can also get stuck in there, causing blackheads to form. You might feel the urge to try to squeeze them out with your fingers, but this is not good. It can make the skin worse and cause damage to your skin. Keeping the skin clean and free of excess oil is the main priority when you want to get the blackheads to disappear and stop coming back.

What Would the Dermatologist Recommend?

The recommendations provided to you depend primarily on the evaluation of your skin that the dermatologist will perform. However, most dermatologists will suggest clients follow a specific routine that often includes the following steps:

  • Washing with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser
  • Applying a gentle toner to the skin to get rid of excess oil and dirt
  • Applying a topical ointment to the skin while paying attention to problem spots
  • Putting a moisturizer on the skin to help with hydration

You may receive a prescription topical ointment that you would apply after washing and toning the skin. It is also necessary for you to wear moisturizer before going to bed. You might think it is not a necessity due to having oily skin in the first place, but using a moisturizer can help with the hydration while keeping your skin from continuing to produce all that extra oil that causes your blackheads to appear. Along with providing recommendations, your dermatologist can remove the blackheads that you already have on your face.

Blackheads are just as annoying as other types of blemishes. If you have them and cannot stand them, see a dermatologist for professional skincare advice. You can receive the best recommendations while also getting help with removing those blackheads.