Dry Skin On Your Little One? What You Should Do

If your little one has dry skin, it may be irritated and itchy, or it may also be causing other irritation for your little one. If your baby has dry skin, there are things you can do to help treat it and keep your baby's skin hydrated to prevent further irritation. You can also take your infant to the dermatologist for treatment and help with this condition. Sometimes dry skin is nothing more than dry skin, but there may be times when that dry skin is actually eczema, or it may be an irritation due to food allergies. This is why it may be important for your infant to be seen by a professional dermatologist rather than just treated at home. Read on for a few other things you may be able to do.

Keep A Food Diary

If your baby is eating more than just formula and milk, you should keep a food diary to see what types of foods your baby or child is eating and monitor which foods may be a trigger for dry skin issues. Keep a food diary and write down how it may be irritating the skin if you begin to notice issues. Present this food diary to your baby's dermatologist for assistance in treating the condition. If it's a food concern, allergy testing may need to be performed to determine what your baby may be allergic to.

Use Hypoallergenic Products

Use only hypoallergenic products on your baby's skin and all-natural ingredients in skin-care products on your baby. Keep a close eye on the ingredients used in some of the products you use on your baby, as some may be too harsh on the skin and could be causing more irritation. You should also use products that are used for those with sensitive skin if you notice irritation in your child's skin.

Don't Over-Bathe

Don't over-bathe your child. Sometimes too many baths may be causing your baby's skin to dry out. Your baby's skin may be drying out from the water, especially if you have hard water. You should be sure to moisturize your baby's skin after you give them a bath as well.

If your baby has dry skin, you should take them to the dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Use the information above to help you treat your baby and calm their skin to prevent further irritation that the dry skin may cause your baby.

Reach out to a pediatric dermatology clinic for more information.