5 Ways To Get Your Skin Ready For Spring

The cold and harsh weather of winter is started to retreat, which means it is time to give your skin a spring make-over. Winter air can leave your skin a little dull and rough, which is why you are going to want to give your skin a little love this spring. #1: Start Exfoliating First, you are going to want to start exfoliating a few times a week. Exfoliating is easy and can be achieved by rubbing your face in small circles with an exfoliating cleanser. [Read More]

4 Options For Reducing Scars

For some people, having a scar is a badge of honor. For others, scars are a reminder of pain or disease. If you don't like the scars on your body, you can use cosmetic dermatology services to help reduce the appearance of sunken or raised scars on your body. #1: Laser Treatment Laser treatments have become a popular way to treat a variety of skin conditions. Laser treatments have been shown to work particularly well on acne scars. [Read More]