4 Options For Reducing Scars

For some people, having a scar is a badge of honor. For others, scars are a reminder of pain or disease. If you don't like the scars on your body, you can use cosmetic dermatology services to help reduce the appearance of sunken or raised scars on your body.

#1: Laser Treatment

Laser treatments have become a popular way to treat a variety of skin conditions. Laser treatments have been shown to work particularly well on acne scars. They can be used to boost collagen production in a scar, which can then help the scar eventually fade over time. This is a non-invasive and easy way to treat a scar, although generally, multiple treatments are required overtime for optimal results.

#2: Chemical Peels

Another option is a chemical peel. With a chemical peel, the dermatologist will put a chemical solution on your skin. The chemical solution is designed to remove the top layer of your skin. By removing the top layer of the skin, your skin will be able to regenerate over the scar's area. Chemical peeling works well at helping to reduce the visible appearance of scars on your body. It is a quick treatment option that can reduce the appearance of scars on your body by helping your body heal itself.

#3: Topical Creams

Next, topical creams may be effective at getting rid of your scar. If your scar is considered mild, a medicated cream, or even an over-the-counter product, can help to reduce the appearance of your scar. With a topical cream, you must be willing to put the cream on at least twice a day, every day, until your scar starts to disappear. With a topical cream, you must be willing to put in the time to apply the cream and be dedicated to using the cream until your scar fades. This option will take time but is effective with mild scars.

#4: Microneedling

Microneedling is a dermatology procedure that involves the use of tiny needles, known as micro-needles. The micro-needles are applied to the surface in and around your scar. The micro-needles will create small channels on your skin. These small channels will help to stimulate new collagen growth, which can then help your skin heal and help the scar fade away.

If you have scars you don't like to look at, you will want to talk to a local dermatologist and see if one of the above methods will help reduce the appearance of your scar.