Keep Your Youth Team's Skin In Good Shape While Out On The Field Or Court

As the head coach or administrator of a youth sports team, you of course want to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of your young athletes. While you might give them some general advice on nutrition or have a doctor or nurse on standby for serious injuries, there's another topic that you should probably talk about with each of your team members and that's how to properly take care of their skin while out on the court, field, or trail. Sports can take a toll on multiple different parts of the body, and the skin should definitely be included on that list. Here's what you and your athletes can do to keep their skin feeling and looking great long after the game is over.

Offer Immediate Remedies for Scrapes and Cuts

It's possible your athletes will pick up some bumps and bruises while out on the field or court. You might have a school nurse who can provide immediate medical assistance for serious cases, but what about your average scrape or cut? Make sure you have enough bandages and first aid supplies to react immediately the moment a child picks up a cut, scrape, or bruise. Don't allow the youth athletes to push through the pain and keep playing with an exposed cut or scrape. Get them out of the game and properly bandaged immediately in order to avoid infection.

Offer Protection From Blisters

Some activities that require a lot of running back and forth might lead to the athlete's uniform repeatedly brushing up against certain sensitive spots on their skin. Talk to your athletes about these problems and suggest gels or pads can provide a barrier from friction and prevent a blister from forming. If your athletes play a sport that is especially prone to this problem, consider supplying the gels or pads yourself along with their uniform before the start of every game.

Recommend a Local Dermatologist

If one of your students or athletes does develop a skin infection or another problem, you or your team's medical staff will likely be the first people approached for help or advice. It can help in these situations to know of a local dermatology clinic that can provide advanced care. Do your own research now before the season begins and familiarize yourself with a local dermatologist that treats local athletes. A skilled professional may be able to get your youth athlete's condition to clear up sooner rather than later and they'll be able to get back on the court in no time

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